Friday, December 27, 2013


I am terribly sorry, I have been unable to get my sorry-assed ghost rider out of the pit.  I mean literally! We got him in but extraction has been an  an issue. No fear, he has food and water and a couple of days a week I send hunters join him so that his social skills (albeit limited) do not totally erode.

Hunting has been very good so far this season. However, I know I am ready to get my butt kicked. It can't be good every day or so they say.

The videos are raw footage shot by my non de plume. The video editing capabilities are a challenge in the pit so please bear with us.

This video is of my 2 year old lab, Tommie.  She has made the starting line-up this year.  She still has graduate work to complete her degree but her enthusiasm makes up for occassional lapses in technique. She does five flawless retrieves here.  Hunters got a limit of big Canadas by 10:00 AM at Location X.

This video is from a magical day at Location X. Limits of geese and mallards in 40 mph wind. We needed one drake for a limit and he was culled from amixed  flock of geese and mallards.