Friday, May 20, 2011

Hey Ya Got an Ark?

Have I mentioned that I really do love my job?  However, this weather really really sucks. This is a high desert; not supposed to rain.  One of my fellow guides was so despondent over the current climatological conditions he attempted self-immolation.  However he was not successful due to excessive amounts of precipitation.

Have been snowed off river, blown off river and rained off river in the past ten days.  In spite of all the "Al Gore"   inspired weather, the fishing has been great. The other day I launched at the dam and did 26 miles of river!  The upper section looked like teenage girls at a Justin Beiber concert.  Lots of shrieking and pandemonium.  Opting to not become embroiled in the mosh pit I went full steam ahead for three miles down river.  My guests and I fished in blissful solitude all day.  Lots of fish and several made the  20"+ club.

Speaking of 20" fish, how about a 14 lb walleye?  The river gave up another monster the other day.  Not sure what is going on with the big walleyes but sure it has something to do with Seal Team 6.  God bless our military.

Pleased to report I purchased a mobile home in Alcova.  I have been living in a camper for the past several years.  Lack of running water is not much fun.  A hot shower at night!  Sorry Al, I do not have a low-flow shower head.  I think not having a shower for many years makes us about even.

Monday, May 9, 2011

2 Fly and SEC Basketball Coaches

This past week was memorable on many levels. I guided May 5th and 6th for Casper's annual 2 Fly Foundation  Tournament.  The Foundation supports Wyoming charities as well as helping to preserve the habitat of the North Platte River. My guests caught lots of fish both days.

On Sunday, North Platte Lodge hosted 8 "biker" ladies for a day on the water.   In my boat were LSU womens' head basketball coach, Nikki Caldwell, and Tennessee assistant coach, Holly Warlick. They  are the co-founders of "Champions For a Cause Foundation" which supports the fight against breast cancer. The Foundation was started by Caldwell and Warlick while both were assistant coaches at TN under legendary coach Pat Summit. Nikki won national championships at TN both as a player and a coach. Nikki and Holly are both avid "Harley" riders and their "Crusin For a Cure", a six day ride from Rapid City to Las Vegas, raises funds for their Foundation.  This was the first time either had ever fly fished for trout. They were a hoot to have in my boat and yes, they caught fish!

Nikki Caldwell
(my hands!)

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Ok, got that off my chest.  Now if I could just get rid of the 20 lb. weight on my chest.  No fun having "terminal' head and chest cold while rowing 17 miles in snow and rain and 35 degrees and 40 mph winds.  I want this weather in December when the mallards and Canadas are here not in May.  Oh well, I do love my job.

Fishing report:  Of course my fly fishermen have to endure the same lovely weather.  Fishing is almost always good on the Reef and this weekend was no exception.  In spite of the horrific weather, the dedicated guide managed to control the boat well enough in the gale force winds and my guests put a respectable number of fish in the net.  Several fish over 20" and that is real measuring stick.  Most of the rainbows are now done spawning.  I think they take a few days off and then begin their 6 month feeding binge. Size #18 Reef worms and egg patterns were the primary choices from the menu.

A shout out to all my hunting clients.  If you have never hunted Sage Grouse, you need to add this magnificent bird to your trophy room.  The North Platte Lodge has leased the finest Sage Grouse lands in the world.  The season is a short few weeks the last half of September.  We have only a few days available so call the Lodge right away to reserve a hunt of a lifetime.  307.237.1182

Go Huskers!