Friday, May 20, 2011

Hey Ya Got an Ark?

Have I mentioned that I really do love my job?  However, this weather really really sucks. This is a high desert; not supposed to rain.  One of my fellow guides was so despondent over the current climatological conditions he attempted self-immolation.  However he was not successful due to excessive amounts of precipitation.

Have been snowed off river, blown off river and rained off river in the past ten days.  In spite of all the "Al Gore"   inspired weather, the fishing has been great. The other day I launched at the dam and did 26 miles of river!  The upper section looked like teenage girls at a Justin Beiber concert.  Lots of shrieking and pandemonium.  Opting to not become embroiled in the mosh pit I went full steam ahead for three miles down river.  My guests and I fished in blissful solitude all day.  Lots of fish and several made the  20"+ club.

Speaking of 20" fish, how about a 14 lb walleye?  The river gave up another monster the other day.  Not sure what is going on with the big walleyes but sure it has something to do with Seal Team 6.  God bless our military.

Pleased to report I purchased a mobile home in Alcova.  I have been living in a camper for the past several years.  Lack of running water is not much fun.  A hot shower at night!  Sorry Al, I do not have a low-flow shower head.  I think not having a shower for many years makes us about even.

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