Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Good Help is Hard to Find!

OK, it has been more than awhile since last post.  Much like the current Administration I am blaming it on 'W'.

My corporate staff has been very busy  converting my new home in Alcova into non-typical guide living quarters. I even have a vacuum cleaner and jet dry for the dishwasher!  Shower every night and HD TV. Be still my beating heart.

Fishing remains spectacular.  River flows are approaching record levels and should remain that way all summer.  If you have never fished the Grey Reef section of the North Platte, you have missed the finest stream in the west.  Soon it will be hopper time.  20+ inch fish smashing hoppers is a spiritual moment.  And we are not talking an occasional fish.  How about at least 20 takes in a typical day's float?

Call me or the North Platte Lodge to schedule your trip.  NPL phone number is listed at top of this page.

Come and get ya sum!

Tight lines,


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