Monday, November 11, 2013


The Lord continues to smile upon WyoBraska Waterfowl.  The first hunters of the year were scheduled for Nov 6th and 7th. The first wave of mallards arived on Tuesday, Nov 5th. Naw.. I wasn't worried a bit. 

Shelley and Brian Kadison
Beverly Hills, CA
Retriever - Molly
On the 5th, the skies were filled with a major migration of lesser Canada geese.  I assumed some mallards were moving with them and shor nuff they were. I have had hunters every day since the 6th and they have taken limits every day.

Spencer, Tate, Benson Holmes
Sandy, UT
Retriever - Molly
 Had a great moring today.  Worked several big bunches of 30-75 birds that we did not shoot into. I don't need to educate that many birds this early in the season.  We were still done by 7:15!

Tate, Benson and Spencer Holmes
Salndy, UT/
Retriever -Tommie
Of course I can't guarantee what is going to happen in the future, but it is looking good right now.

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