Sunday, August 3, 2014

Flies, Sighs, Byes and Whys

My ghost writer has returned from his Tibetan journey.  The trek in the Himalays proved fruitless. Turns out the Dali Lama was not at his home in Takster. He was, in fact, at either the Starbucks on Rodeo Drive or doing a book signing at the Barnes & Noble on Grove Drive.

Another unexcused absence.


Summer on the Reef has provided its usual mix of world class fly fishing. Nymph fishing was silly good through mid-June. Many 80+ fish days. To the net not just hookups. Mid to late June was vexed by increased water flows. This old man appreciated the assist of faster water but the accompanying colder water temps quashed the hatches.

The August Trico hatch has begun and has the big-uns looking skyward for a tasty morsel. There are hoppers along the bank, but not sure they will ever be offered on the entree menu. If they do, dry fly fishing is as good as it gets.


I thank the Lord every day I get to live and work in his magnificent canvas of Wyoming. For 10 months of the year, I spend most of my days on or near the North Platte River. Whether it is rising trout along with stream side pronghorns framed by mountains and high desert prairie or the majesty of mallards and Canada geese against the piercing blue of unpolluted skies. My days are filled with sighs.

Pathfinder Ranch
Dumbell Ranch


Life is filled with goodbyes. The loss of friends, loves, family and old dogs can be the lowest of lows. The worst of goodbyes.

However the word is good - byes. Some goodbyes are in fact "good" byes. When you are 7 years old, the maturation process can be painfully slow. Long before sprouting hair on the land down under; longer before knowing whether you are truly truly right handed or left handed; even longer before the voice change; eons before the need  for your first Gillette Fusion Pro-Glide now with Flex ball; long before you ever get your iPhone 12 XTS; you celebrate the loss of your baby teeth. There is something so demeaning about baby teeth. The name alone is condescending.  You may act like a baby from time to time but having baby teeth is such a belittling stage of life.

Brayden "B"
But then it happens! The hand of the Tooth Fairy and her "flush with cash minions" (you can't give up Santa, the Easter Bunny and the head fairy in the same year) reach out and plucks the wobbly useless chopper from your jaw. The ultimate right of passage would be to have the celestial vibes align and cause the removal of both front toothusses within hours of each other. The fraternal twins exiting the oral womb and never having to leave the delivery room between extractions.

Chompers "B" gone!

A manly good bye.


Why do bad things happen to good people? I guess it is called life. My beloved, dear  friend, Dr. Lynn Wilcox from Salt Lake City, is battling cancer. Here is a man who spent his entire adult life healing the sick. He truly lives a Godly life. He talks it and walks it. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy with encouraging success. The tumor has been reduced in size but the battle rages on.

Dr Lynn Wilcox
An indication of just how serious Lynn is about the fight and his recovery, he fly fished with me in late June, is planning a fly fishing trip in late August and is coming to hunt with me for a week in December. All the while administering his own chemotherapy.

Please keep Lynn in your prayers. I pray the Heavenly Healer will heal the healer.

God bless you Lynn.

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