Sunday, April 24, 2011

Eating a World Record!

Last weekend my good friend and fellow NPL guide, Rudy Hemkens, was guiding on the Miracle Mile.  The Mile is a short stretch of water between Seminoe Reservoir and Pathfinder Reservoir.  It has a reputation for big fish.  Usually those fish are trout, however this day was different.  Pathfinder has a good population of walleye and walleye spawn in the spring just like rainbows.  Walleye love moving water just like trout.  Rudy's fly fisherman hooked and landed a 31" 10.9 lb walleye.  A truly unique catch.

Turns out she was an IFGA world record for 8lb class tippet on a fly.  The old record was 8.6 lbs.  The lunker ate a leech pattern streamer and the guides ate her last night!  She was very good.

Fishing remains very good on the Reef.  Flows are running at 4500 cfs.  Rumor is they will raise the river to 5000 in the next few days.  I am hoping for 6500.  Rainbows are still on the redds on the upper river.  I think the spawn is pretty much over below Government bridge.  With the higher flows the fish tend to move to the banks.

Floated dam to bridge today.  Good fishing most of the day but not epic.  Landed a couple bows over 20" and lots in the 18" range.  Second day of no wind.  Seems to be taking a little longer this spring to get into prime rowing condition.  Wonder if being the oldest guide on the river by a decade has anything to do with that?

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