Friday, September 2, 2011


I had worked 24 straight days until the last two days. Can you say tired?  Oh and as you may have guessed I did go fishing. But I had to. One of the afternoons I went hopper fishing with Trent Tatum, co-owner of North Platte Lodge and our Sims Rep. We had 16 eats in ninety minutes from the dam to Hollingsworth.

Speaking of hoppers. Overall we have been very disappointed in the hoppers this year. On the upper river, except for dam to Ledge Creek, the hopper bite has not materialized. Not sure why. Theory is the spraying for hoppers was very effective. Good for the ranchers and their hay not so good for guides and trout. We are finding lots of hoppers downstream from Sechrist to Casper but they are not getting into river and consequently the trout are feeding on them. Still hopeful for some action in September.

Last night Trent, my Dad and I went on a fact finding/recon mission to a super secret- private pond at the base of  the Pedros Range. OMG! First fish for Trent and I snapped  2x tippet on the strike. Can't say how big the fish were that we caught but I can tell you that if you get invited to this pond you will have to go through memory erasing treatments  in Guantanamo Bay. Can't have this kind of information getting out. "O " didn't close that did he? I am pretty sure he said he was going to but appears he has back tracked on quite a few things.  Fishing has remained strong all through August. The Reef has slowed a bit but still better than most fisheries.

We have been having fun on dries occasionally over the past few weeks. Tricos in the early mornings; hoppers mid-day; and caddis in the evening. Not every day but often enough to keep this senior member of the guide team of North Platte Lodge very happy.  The Mile has been fishing very well. Somedays it has been stupid fishing.  I recently guided two anglers who said they had been on numerous guided fly fishing trips and the most "fish to the net" they ever had was three and the biggest was 15 inches. I know what you are thinking "where the hell have they been fishing"? I took them to the Mile on their first day. After the first 300 yds we had doubled their old record. By lunch we had 25 fish to the net by the end of the day I was a beneficiary in their wills. I think it was the 8 fish over 20" that sealed the deal. That was fun.

Speaking of fun, I got to spend three days on the water with dear friend Boone Scharp from Michigan. Boone and I go way back to our Park City days working on the mountain at the Snow Hut.  We were joined by Boone's childhood friend Jake Tropea who now lives in California. We had three days of spectacular fishing.  Boone and I would like to announce the arranged pre-engagement of my son Brayden, a recent graduate of Busy Bees pre-school at Valley Christian Academy and Boone's daughter Emelia who will be attending Stanford Law School in fall of 2031. Best wishes to the happy couple. We intend to have them meet sometime in the next ten years.

Here are a few pics from August trips.

                                          Brian Vinchur, Elkhorn, NE, with 25" cutbow on a hopper

                                               Brian and a 20" Rainbow from the After Bay.                                                                          

I have been privileged to have been guiding Brian and his family for nearly 20 years.  I started Brian and his daughters fly fishing in Park City. They were young girls at the time. They are now young ladies and now I am really old!

                          A one-armed 18" rainbow. The guy fishes better with one arm than most with two.

                            Baby Bald Eagle. Have watched it grow all summer. Just starting to fly.

The most deformed trout I have ever seen. 24" and  over 7 lbs. Clearly has not heard of Michele's anti-obesity initiative. Must be going to Sloane's every morning for burritos, chips and turnovers.

Will be posting a Molly update and hunting outlook soon.

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