Thursday, September 22, 2011

WyoBraska Waterfowl's ReDeaux Molly

If you have been following the blog (if not, why not?) you know the saga of the most recent addition to the WyoBraska Waterfowl stable of Labrador retrievers. Official name listed above.  She was banished earlier this summer to the Siberian village of Heber City for displaying not a single ounce of desire for retrieving. It was utterly pathetic.

The short version is I had to take her back and she was destined to be a house pet. On a pure whim one evening I threw a dummy for her and she amazingly ran after it and brought it back. Fast forward to today. I just returned from the high plateau where the elusive Sage Grouse dwells. Happy to report there is one less grouse contributing to "Big Al's Greenhouse gasses". Said grouse was tracked, flushed, then shot, then retrieved and delivered to hand by the "ReDeaux" princess. It was as if she had been doing this forever.

Now don't get me wrong, she might be like the guy who hits it great on the range but can't take it to the course. Scratch on the practice tee but can't break 90 when there is a $5 nassau on the line..  But as of right now, she has made amazing progress this summer. Steady to shot; marks 200 yd. triples; is taking hand signals to 300 yd blinds; demonstrates a keen nose; delivers to heel and never wants to quit.

We will find out soon how she does when we drop the flag. She still has a lot to learn but I think we have something we can work with.

                                              WyoBraska Waterfowl's ReDeaux Molly


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