Thursday, April 19, 2012


As I am penning this post at 10:30 am on April 19, we just completed the sixth day of the 2012 Turkey Season.

I am pleased to report seven hunters have bagged twelve turkeys. If you count the tom I bagged this morning that would be lucky 13!  Perhaps not so lucky for the turkeys, but very exciting for the hunters.

I had the most amazing morning I have ever had while hunting turkey. I did not have hunters scheduled today so I went out by myself. I settled into one of my blinds and waited for the sunrise to illuminate the Nebraska landscape.  As the morning grew brighter, the stillness was broken by the sound of turkey leaving the roost.

I had placed my four Dave Smith decoys (three hens and a jake) fifteen yards from the blind. After allowing a few minutes for them to get settled, I let out a soft chirp. A gobble immediately rang out in response. A couple more chirps followed by a seductive purr and the tom was on the run. Not just one tom, but an eight-man football team! They ran up to the decoys and proceeded to kick the hell out of my jake decoy. They took turns jumping on his back beating him with their wings. The decoy was soon on the ground but the scrum continued.  It was if I was watching the All Blacks pummel Les Bleus.

Assuming they had convinced my decoy to abstain from any coital bliss, they began to parade for the lovely ladies. As the biggest tom separated himself from the melee, Mr. Beretta sent a calling card of #2 shot his way. The gesture was unwillingly accepted. The remaining seven casually sauntered 30 yards away and remained there for another twenty minutes before moving off.

I have been blessed to witness another scene in God's magnificent outdoors.

8 toms on my jake decoy
Nate Houle 2 toms with bow

The one that did not get away

"Nobody who does not appreciate the majesty of the hunt should be allowed to disgrace the bird by killing it."
Paraphrase from Norman Maclean

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