Tuesday, April 10, 2012


The abnormally warm weather of winter 2011-2012 presented us with new challenges. Two years ago we arrived to find three feet of ice on our ponds. When I arrived on February 15th, two of our ponds were completely open and the third had just a light layer of ice. The first scout flocks were already in the area. We applied a full-court press in order to ready our spreads as quickly as possible.

What occurred over the next three weeks was truly epic. Our hunters harvested 980 snow geese. On March 1st, three hunters harvested 62 snows! March 5th was our largest one day total with 112 geese from our three locations. On March 9th we killed 66 birds and on March 11th they were gone.

We had a banner year on banded birds.  We had two neck collared geese. In addition we had six leg banded geese. All the geese were banded in the far north of the Northwest Territories of Canada.

I have been hunting spring snow geese in this area since 1996. This was the first year we did not have any snow. It always snows in early March in southeast Nebraska!

100% of our groups have re-booked for the 2013 season. I am adding another location next year to accommodate our increased demand.

I invite you to join me for a waterfowling adventure of a lifetime. We are now taking reservations for the 2013 spring snow goose season.

Scenes from the 2012 Snow Goose season.

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