Tuesday, June 5, 2012


My days have been filled with guiding fly fishermen on the Grey Reef and the Miracle Mile and training my Labradors.

Fly fishing has been off the chart! The "Reef" and "Mile" are the most prolific waters for big Rainbows in the West. Day after day, 50+ fish with many over 20".  In spite of many of my anglers being novice fly fishermen, trophy "Bows" are routinely brought to the net. Two experienced anglers will frequently have 100+ hookups in a day.

This past Sunday, my good friend Chris "Wis" Wisner, from Park City, joined me on the Miracle Mile. Also in our flotilla were Chris' friends Patrick and Matt as well as my Dad, Michael. The only way to describe the day was "Epic". It seemed someone from our two drift boats was hooked up all the time. We rotated  the Park City guys so everyone had time in the front of my Clackacraft. Wis certainly made the most of his time up front. In the "Rainbow Run Hole" he hooked something north of 30 fat rainbows in just over an hour. From the rear seat, Michael hooked up often enough that double hook-ups became S.O.P.

Park City friends on The Miracle Mile

Although fishing consumes the bulk of my time, my evenings are filled with working and training dogs. Dani and AZ get enough dummie work and exercise to keep them sharp and physically fit. Their desire and drive is a joy to witness. Tommie is now six months old and exhibits all the qualities you hope for in a retriever. She is doing 150 yard land and water retrieves and never gives up on a retrieve. She busts into heavy cover to find the dummie like an addict looking for her next fix. All retrieves are delivered to hand with unbridled enthusiasm in anticipation of the next.

If you have been following the blog, you have read several installments concerning Molly, my 2 1/2 year old lab. After her "glacial creep" start, Molly continues to progress at tsunami speed. Whether it is triple 300-yard marked retrieves or multiple blind retrieves, Molly continues to amaze. She is taking lines like a seasoned veteran. She nails her hand signals and demonstrates a keen nose. I have seen her wind a dummie from 100 yards! We still have work to do, but it appears she will be ready to take over when either Dani or AZ decide to retire. After seeing her work, Wis commented that Molly reminded him of Brooks, the best lab I have ever had. Fine praise to be compared to Brooks, the "Wonder Dog". While there will never be another Brooks, Molly is indeed developing into a fine WyoBraska Waterfowl retriever.

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