Wednesday, November 2, 2011


They say (don't have a clue as to who they is) everyone has their fifteen minutes of fame. Alas, I fear that mine is going to extend far beyond the quarter hour. If you have the November-December issue of the Ducks Unlimited Magazine, I invite you to turn to page 69 (I know..I had no input whatsoever on page selection).  The photo was taken on my duck lease near Morrill, NE. The lab in the photo is the world's foremost North Platte River specialist, Dani.

Dani has retained the Canine Career Agency to represent her. The CCA represents Lassie 10, Benji (deceased) and the greatest one hit wonder in all dogdom, Hooch. She is developing a line of field wear that can be worn while hunting pheasants, Chukar and amazingly enough, Sage Grouse.  Her line of waterfowl vests and electronic accessories will be released in time for the spring snow goose season.

I am currently assessing offers from GQ, Just Beautiful Men and Commando Monthly. I have to be very careful with my image.  I don't want to end up like Snooki or Wink Martindale.  However, if you are hunting with me this year, I will have 8x10 glossies available. They are suitable for framing. I will also have the WyoBraska Waterfowl screensavers available on my website.

Enough about me. Lets talk about waterfowl.

The migration is very slow this year. The weather has been very warm in central Canada.  Reports are the migration is two weeks behind normal.  We had our first measurable snow last night.  The three to four inches  was gone by this afternoon. Temps were chilly today, high of 34. We are supposed to have a low of 10 in the morning.

My Dad and I were down to the river this afternoon. We had to cut a few trees that were blocking the road into the duck blind. We are going to place the blind in position tomorrow morning.  Right now, the water in the river may be the best we have ever had. However, a drop in water levels could change everything. Just going to play it by ear. Did see a few duck tracks on the bars near the blind location.

There was a fair number of mallards, pintails, gadwall and teal on the lake today. About 40 little Canadas were on the lake behind the pit. We are seeing the first indications of a migration.  I have learned that they can show up overnight.  Hoping that it is tonight!

I have the first hunters this weekend. Will let you know how we do.

Here are a few photos from the river blind setup and a portfolio pic!

                                      Scientific Waterfowling? I think not!
                         Another autumn, another blind placement consultation
                                       Clearing limbs for visibility
                           Aftermath of the flood - ideal duck water                                        

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