Saturday, November 12, 2011


                                             JJ and Jeff Meyer
Hunted the lake yesterday and again this morning.  Limits of mallards both days along with two bonus wigeon today. We didn't see as many mallards today as yesterday but we had a better wind direction today.

Today we worked a couple of nice bunches of 75 to 100.  Jeff Meyer was having trouble with his 12 gauge  this morning.  The trigger would not reset after firing the first shot. He was so frustrated that he walked back to the truck to get his 20 gauge. (Tom Harpstreith is smiling)  He was concerned that he didn't have enough firepower.

His first shot at 20 yards was merely a tactic to allow the birds to get to 50 yards.  The strategy worked perfectly as he crumpled a drake.  So much for not enough firepower.

The next flock was our bunch of 100.  The majority of the birds were on Jeff's side of the pit.  The lead birds were at 15 yards and 10 feet off the water.  Jeff's first shot stoned a drake. Jeff's second shot bagged another drake. His third shot dropped two drakes!  That's right, three shots four drakes.  Knapp you got nothing on the Meyer. Jeff shoots almost as well as Todd Norsten.

We are heading back to the river tomorrow.  Will let you know how we do.


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