Monday, February 14, 2011

On The road again

Hit the road around 5:00 this morning for Fairbury.  There is no doubt that my two oldest labs, Dani and AZ, know exactly where we are going.  They have been really fired up the last couple of days.  Molly, the puppy, isn't sure what is up but knows we are going hunting somewhere.   I have always loved sunrise over the North Platte Valley.  I will follow the river all the way to Ogalalla.

Petey is in Fairbury now and is taking boats down to the water spreads this morning.  We will probably get the "ice eaters" out tomorrow and start opening up the ponds.  (check out the video above) Last year we had 20 inches of ice on the ponds.  Not nearly that much this year. Will let you know how much tommorrow.

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