Saturday, February 19, 2011

Work Work Work

The past few days have been consumed with set-up projects: Getting blinds down to the ponds and camouflaging them; getting boats and motors ready and moved to the ponds; pulling all the decoys out of storage and staged at their respective locations; putting the stakes in the ground for the field spread; nervously watching the skies for the first sign of the "Greatest Spectacle in Waterfowling".

Petey and I are pleased to report that we have added a new pond to our hunt locations.  We have lusted for this pond since we started hunting in this area nearly 15 years ago.  The farm recently sold and we met with the new owner yesterday morning.  Our ability to obtain this property was in no small measure due to the wonderful relationships we have within the local community and our landowners.  We never forget that wherever we hunt we are in someone's home.

The plan for today is to set up the field spread and maybe even hunt for the last couple of hours this afternoon.

Will let you know how it goes.

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