Sunday, February 13, 2011

Preparation for spring snow goose season

Those of you who have hunted with me know that hunting snow geese in the spring is my favorite type of waterfowl hunting. Not sure if it is because I can just push 'play' on the Fox Pro (I have been blowing the Ground's goose calls and Carlson duck calls for the past 3 1/2 months) or if it is because I love the sight of snows and blues decoying from the stratosphere. Might be because I love watching the dogs make long difficult retrieves look routine. I think it may be because the best hunting days are warm and sunny with light winds.

This will be my new puppy Molly's first snow goose season. She did just fine this fall and winter on mallards but the big Canadas were a bit much for her. I am looking forward to her learning about snow geese.

My partner in the snow goose business, Kris Peterson, is already in Fairbury getting things ready. I will leave for there tomorrow. My trailer has new axels and tires and is loaded to the brim with equipment.

I will be posting updates a couple times a week on how set-up is going and on when the birds arrive. We do have a few openings still available. Call me for information.

We will have four water spreads and one field spread this year. Stay tuned for the greatest spectacle in waterfowling!

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