Saturday, February 19, 2011

Some Did Not Fly Away

As the last few decoys were being set in the water at the Church Pond today we started to see the first few 'scout' groups of snow geese.  Because the field is still too muddy to drive into with the trucks and decoy trailers, Petey and I decided we might as well hunt.  We were joined by my good friend Tab Newman and his son Parker.  Also in the group were two of Fairbury's finest, Lynn Culp and Logan Kunc.

The next couple of hours were quite productive as we bagged 15 birds. The new floater spread is great and the blind is well concealed as the birds finished well all day in spite of the east wind.  After a several hour lull we started to see a few birds again.  We decoyed one small bunch and 4 snows were doing the bicycle in the decoys.  The next flock to fall victim to "Central Flyway's Best" was a group of 150.  There were a few juveniles in this bunch.  As part of the flock pulled full flaps over the decoys we fired. Moments later 7 snows were floating belly up.

The total for the day was 26.  Not bad for as few birds as we saw. My puppy Molly had a great day as she retrieved 13 of the birds.  She is going to be a good one.  Petey's dog Gunner is Molly's brother and he is going to be something special.  Both dogs are from the breeder that I get all my dogs.   Snow goose season is great for puppies. They get to watch lots of birds and make multiple marked retrieves. 

Game on!

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