Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Roller Coaster

Never did like the dumb things.  The thought of riding in something you have no control over is in my opinion more than slightly foolish.  Many say that 'sky jumping' is insane because you jump out of a perfectly good airplane.  That philosophy is flawed in its basic premise.  There is no such thing as a 'perfectly' good airplane!

We have been on the weather roller coaster for the past week.  Last Wednesday and Thursday we were near 70.  Sunday it was 66 degrees.  Yesterday the high was 31 with a low of 13 and strong north winds. Ahh, spring in Nebraska.

The cold of yesterday morning did allow us to drive vehicles into the field.  The field spread is now ready to use.  We took boats down to the other ponds.  All blinds are now ready with furniture, heaters and freshly filled propane bottles.  The ponds are almost open but of course have a new skim of ice from the recent cold snap.  Sunshine and a little wind will open them quickly.


  1. You should be used to that riding with Beam all those years

  2. Well roller coaster boy we're going to get 12 inches of snow tonight and tommorrow oh-boy just another day in funville ,still looking forward to Fairbury and shooting my new O/U , looks like birds are arriving at Squaw Creek , they're getting closer and so am I to insanity watching and second guessing everything