Saturday, March 12, 2011

And down the stretch they come!

We have had a major push of birds the past two days.  On Thursday we had two groups out and both shot 17 birds.  My crew was at the Church pond and we had birds over us all day long.  However we didn't shoot our first bird until 2:30.  Nobody wanted to play until then.  Petey was at Barber's pond and they didn't see that many birds even though Barber's is only three miles to the west of the Church.  Such is snow goose hunting.

Friday we also had a good push of birds.  Petey and his gang were at Barber's Pond.  They harvested 27 birds.  Petey's lab Gunner put on a spectacular retrieving demonstration.  My group was back at the Church.  Around 10:30 the wind really began to blow from the southwest.  The 30 mph gust stirred up large waves that played havoc with the decoys.  I could see that things were more than likely going to be going downhill.  We decided to make the move to Knoble's pond as it is more protected from the wind.  Good call, JJ!  We were able to bag 22 in the afternoon in spite of my gunners firing numerous shells that apparently did not contain any steel shot.  There can be no other plausible explanation for so many misses at point blank range! 

We are definitely on the downhill side of the migration, but there are still a lot of birds to come.  The good thing is that birds decoy better on the tail end of the migration as the juveniles come last.

We have three groups out today.  Will update you tonight.

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