Sunday, March 13, 2011

ol' Maria Grever knew of what she spoke

"What a difference a day makes!"  Most of you are no doubt familiar with  the great Mexican composer Maria Mendez Grever. She wrote this memorable song in 1934.  The original American recording was by the Dorsey Brothers the same year.  My favorite cover of the song was by Dinah Washington.  She of course won a Grammy in 1959 for her recording.  But surely you knew that.

Yep, it was a different day.  Yesterday was perfect weather.  Today perfectly awful.  We had cloudy skies with freezing drizzle and snow showers.  Not ideal for migrating geese. 

I was at Barber's today and we got 18.  Just one of those days. Every time the dogs made a retrieve they would drag 10 decoys back into the bank. Consequently considerable time was spent resetting decoys.  We had a swarm of geese on the ground to the west of us and it played havoc with us most of the day. Our wonderful friendly game warden also paid us a visit.  So that took time from our day.  He really is a great guy.

Petey and his gang were at Knoble's. They bagged 28.  It was great to have the Ellis group from Illinois with us for the past three days.  We had our annual steak dinner last night.  They grilled the steaks in the parking lot at the Capri Four Seasons! 

Heath and his hunters were at the Church pond today. They harvested 31 today.  They had birds over them most of the day.  The birds were moving west to east all day.  We assume that these were birds that have been to South Dakota and were on their way back because of the snow and frozen lakes and ponds.

So we get to dance the dance and sing the song again.  What a difference a day makes. Twenty four little hours.

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