Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So a horse and a llama walk into a bar......

Petey and his hunters went to Knoble's pond yesterday.  They didn't see many birds and those they did see wouldn't work.  They did bag 5 birds right off the bat but it went downhill from there.  Only 7 birds for the day but in spite of that Petey had a great day. Petey had Ken Markin from Colorado and his 82 years young father, Karl, from Washington.  Also in the group was Karl's close friend and hunting buddy from Oregon, Arnie Petersen.  The day was filled with hunting adventures all over the world.  Karl has a bad 'dove' addiction.  He needs serious counseling.  He has hunted doves in almost all the countries in South America.  He has been to Bolivia 10 times!  He has also hunted doves in South Africa and many countries in north Africa as well.  He thinks he may cancel the next trip to Libya.  His hunting partner,Mommar, is a little busy right now.

My day started at the Church pond with a llama and a horse.  As we were getting things loaded in the ATV to go to the blind the llama and the horse came walking down the road.  The horse obviously thought the llama was quite cute (she did have captivating eyes) as they proceeded to 'get it on' right in front of us.  After a brief respite for a post coital cigarette, I herded them back down the road.  Shortly after getting set in the blind it became apparent that the 'black hole' swarm we dealt with yesterday was still to the east of us.  We toughed it out until 10:30 and then I made the call to move to Barber's pond.  Good call JJ!  We harvested 23 birds for the day.  One memorable group was four adult blues that started to work from a suburb just south of the moon.  It took them 45 minutes to descend.  When I called the shot the closest bird was maybe 60 yards.  Seconds later all four geese were enrolled in a spinning class in the decoys.  Great shooting Dr. Keith and Dr. Brad.

Getting nervous about the last five days.  We have not seen any migration for the past three days.  We have seen a good number of birds moving back south.  I don't have a clue as to what that means.  South Dakota is still covered in snow but temps are warming there over the next few days.  Word is that the Missouri River below Lewis and Clark Reservoir on the Nebraska-South Dakota border is covered with geese.  The lake itself is still frozen.  Also hearing that the juvie flocks are showing up at Squaw Creek in Missouri.  Last year the juvie flocks did not come through here.  They followed the Missouri River.  The year before they did come through here.  And so we wait.

The Full Monty and the horse and the llama in the same week!   Who'd a thunk it? You can't make this stuff up.

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