Monday, March 14, 2011

Ouch! Where is Carl Sagan when you need him?

We knew it was coming.  Today was one of those brutal ugly days.  All life matter was being inhaled by a black hole.

I was at the Church pond today and Petey was at Knoble's pond.  We both had exactly the same day.  Had lots of birds early. They would drop from the ozone to about 100 yards and then just drift away.  Not just one bunch but flock after flock. Birds were moving from north to south all day.

At the Church pond we had a mega swarm on the ground 2 miles to the east of us.  Easily 30,000 birds in the 'black hole'.  It sucked in everything in our sector of the universe.  We kept waiting for them to get up and leave.  About 1:00 they started to go, but an airplane came flying by.  An airplane to snow geese is like Sarah Palin at a NOW Convention.  It gets ugly and then goes downhill from there. The plane freaked the geese so bad they just dove back into the pond.

Both groups shot 12 geese today.  We had 2 geese at 4:00 but shot 7 in the last hour.  Petey's day was pretty much the same.  Not the greatest of days but not a total bust either.

Looks like the weather is going to cooperate over the next few days so the migration should get going again.  Reports from Missouri are that there are still a lot of geese around Mound City and the Juvenile flocks are still in northern Arkansas and southern Missouri.

If we can find someone to stop the black holes we can stabilize our little corner of the goose universe.

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