Saturday, March 12, 2011

Central Flyway's Best joins the CENTURY Club and the Full Monty

The only thing I am 100% sure about in snow goose hunting is that I know absolutely nothing.  Oh I guess I know some things and make pretty good guesses on others, but when it comes to really having them figured out I feel pretty inept most of the time.

Which track to play on the Fox Pro?  Play it loud or soft?  Why, when you have 500 birds working do only three actually commit? Why do some birds fall out of the sky and then just slide away?  Why o' why o' why o'?

Guess that is why I find spring snow goose hunting so addictive.  30 straight days with limited sleep.  Hard work during set-up and tear down.  Hunting till dark every day.  All of this for 3 weeks of hunting!  I do love it so.

We had four groups out today.  It was a perfect migration day.  Sunny skies and 55 degrees with a light north wind.  Heath and his hunters were at Barber's pond today and they bagged 25 birds.  The word from his hunters was they did not shoot well.  Petey and his crew were at the Church pond and their total for the day was 27.  Lynn and Captain Cookie and the Captain's diminutive son were in the field spread.  This is where the porno comes in. Long story short version:  a goose was shot while doing the full Monty.  Nice shot Coop!  More on this later.  Oh yeah, they shot 8 birds.

I had three sharpshooters at Knoble's pond today.  And I do mean sharp.  They were stellar shots all day long.  When the last feather drifted down from on high 54 snow geese were in the bag.  It was an amazing day.  I witnessed the finest Chesapeake retriever work I have ever seen.  And Sage is just a pup.  She is going to be something special.  Snow goose work is great for puppies.  Snows make lots of noise.  They take forever to get down from the ozone so the dogs get to watch them a long time.  They can't take a load of steel like a Canada.  Once they hit the water they can't swim or dive like a mallard.  They are pretty much wussies after they are shot.  (my guess is I would be as well) but they are experts at NOT getting shot.  They are unequivocally the the smartest wariest waterfowl.  In comparison, Canadas should all be riding the short bus.

So, yes, Central Flyway's Best hit the century club today. 114 total.  It was an epic day.

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