Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kinda sorta but not really

Yesterday ended up being not a bad day all things considered.  Petey and his crew bagged 32 at Knoble's pond and my guys culled 30 from the herd at Barber's pond.  62 is not bad at all for what we had to deal with.

However, today the bad luck curse is still around.  The biggest issue is that we are dealing with east wind.  An east wind is just bad for decoying waterfowl.  Anytime anywhere.  It is like having the yips in putting. You know nothing good is going to happen no matter what.  The next thing we had to deal with this morning was when the east wind blew the ice that had stacked up on the east side of the pond back into the decoys.  In short order all the decoys were stacked on the bank in front of the blind. Gee, had to reset the spread again. Not looking good.

Still hoping Friedrich was right.

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