Saturday, March 5, 2011

Nietzche was a snow goose hunter

One of the greatest periods of my personal growth came during my cherished albeit brief stint in college.  Kearney State afforded me the opportunity to expand my knowledge of 19th century existentialism as well as the artistry of  modern brewers.  The brewers evidently won the scholastic tug-of-war.  However, Philosophy 101 was not a total waste.  I have always held a strong belief in Friedrich Nietzche's pearl of wisdom, "What does not destroy me, makes me strong".

Hence the German dude was definitely a snow goose hunter.  The white devils of the north kicked our butts yesterday.  Petey had a group at Barber's pond and they bagged 16.  I was at the Church pond and my hunters shot 2!  Yep, one more than one and one less than three and half as many as four. They did well to do that.  We had a swarm on the ground to the east and another massive swarm on the ground to the west.  Birds traded back and forth all day long just to the south of our location.  There were a few migrators yesterday, but those were also sucked into the "white" holes before they got to us. 

On top of that we had 25 - 30 mph winds that kept the decoys on the move all day long.  Many trips with the boat to retrieve and untangle the spread.  Dogs are getting growly.  Yesterday almost destroyed me.

Hope Freddy knows what he was talking about.

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